Welcome to the Multi-Style Martial Arts Academy

Multi-Style Martial Arts Academy teaches a blended system of techniques from the traditional martial arts of Karate, Taekwon-do, Kickboxing, and Jujitsu. This blend provides a solid foundation of training from a variety of different arts which enhance's the students' ability to adapt to any hostile situation. The most fascinating feature of our training is that it is constantly evolving with the times so the system continues to develop new applications to deal with today's realities.

With its unique, dynamic and fast moving techniques, Multi-Style Martial Arts is a thoroughly modern way for the whole family to get fit, have fun and make new friends. Many of our students train Multi-Style Martial Arts as a form of exercise or a way to relieve stress, others to learn self defence or generally to lead a healthier lifestyle. Whatever the reason and regardless of your age or level of fitness, you can be assured of achieving your desired goals with the Multi-Style Martial Arts Academy.

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