Academy training rules

The rules of the Academy are made to ensure that you as a member have a safe training environment as well as a good atmosphere to train in. It is essential that everyone obeys, and also supervises the adherence to these rules.

Martial Art discipline is not only beneficial in the practice of the art but also in ones daily life, and as such the improvement of ones discipline is an essential part of the art that the student is to strive for.  The observance of the following rules is a good place to start in improving ones discipline.

1. Smoking or the consumption of alcohol is prohibited immediately prior to or during training.

2. Alcohol is prohibited on the dojo premises. (special occasions excepted).

3. Avoid swearing and the use of offensive language during training.

4. Every member must show respect for the Instructors, the dojo and the senior grades at all times.

5. Jewelry of any kind is not to be worn during training. This includes ear rings and studs.

6. Every member must keep their training and association fees paid up to date.

7. Every member must have a uniform prior to grading. And shall keep their uniform in a clean and repaired condition.

8. If a member is to be absent from training for any length of time then they are expected to inform the instructors either personally or through another member. Senior students (purple belt and above) are expected to inform the instructors prior to missing any training session.

9. Members must avoid being involved in a fight even if it means walking away from a challenge.

10. Any member who commits an act which could have resulted in the Academy obtaining a bad name, is liable to immediate expulsion.

11. Finger nails and toe nails are to be kept clean and short at all times.

12. Special permission must be obtained from the Instructor to practice with weapons in the dojo if your grade is less than Purple belt.

13. Long hair must be kept tied up or otherwise tidy.

14. Any inter school visits must be approved by the either the Chief or Senior Instructors.

15. Every effort must be made to arrive at class on time prior to commencement of your class.

16. Do discuss any financial problems, often a solution can be found.

17. Do respect each other, remember that many friends are made in the dojo.

18. Do help with dojo duties such as sweeping the floor, opening and closing windows etc.

19. Do bow when entering and leaving the dojo, and also prior to speaking to senior grades.

20. If you need to leave the training area during class remember to bow to your Instructor before leaving the training area.

21. Avoid eating a large meal immediately before training.

22. Remember to ask questions, there are no silly questions and often others may want to know the answer as well.

23. If you feel unwell or very tied then bow out and go to the side of the class.

24. Avoid asking for rank advancement. You will be advised when you are ready to grade.