A message from the Chief Instructor

It is my strong belief that the martial arts offer a powerful tool for self growth and self realization, I am happy to be able to share with you my experience. As an Instructor of the arts I feel privileged to have the opportunity to pass my knowledge onto you the next generation of martial artists with the hope that you to will enjoy the full and many benefits that I have.

It is my hope that you will become the next generation of instructors and allow the continuation of these arts into the 21st century and beyond. I ask you to think deeply on all that you learn and to ask questions when you are unsure of your level of understanding, remember that there are no silly questions and that experience is sometimes the name we give to our mistakes.

Because of the nature of the art that is being taught and as it is understood that all persons are responsible for their own actions. Neither myself or any other instructors of the team are able to accept any liability or responsibility for injury resulting from the abuse or misuse of skills taught by or upon any person, Member or otherwise.

I ask all students to keep in mind that Martial Art skills are to be used only as a last resort when yourself or others are in physical danger or you believe them to be in physical danger. I leave you now to read thorough the rest of the available material on this site and ask you to give thought to the following.

Although martial arts can be used to aid yourself and others when in need, the greatest value lies in the strong spirit and strength of character that develops from your concentrated practice and every day effort.