Gradings are held four times a year. The fact that the Academy is holding gradings does not automatically mean that you will be graded.

Students will be invited to grade for kyu (coloured belt grades ) by the club Instructor. Black belt gradings will be by invitation of the Chief Instructor. Such invitation to grade will be given normally one month prior to grading and will outline the items required for the grading such as the time, cost and venue.

Grading fees will not be refunded if you fail to attend without prior reason, if you do not complete the grading requirements to the necessary standard then you will be given one month to resist without penalty.

Students are required, unless otherwise instructed, to sit their grading in a full and correct uniform for their present grade, failure to have a complete, clean and well maintained uniform may well mean failing your grading.

To make it clearer for all students when they will be eligible to grade the Academy requires that all students complete a minimum number of classes. Any student who attends an approved seminar will be credited with having completed a class. If a student works out that they will not have the minimum number of classes completed by the time the Academy is holding a grading they have three options.

1. To continue to train at their present rate and be eligible only when they have completed the required number of classes.

2. A student may take private lessons from an academy instructor to make up the number of classes required. One forty five minute practice session will be certified as the same as one general class lesson.

3. Ensure they attend any upcoming seminars, Camps or training weekends. These are an excellent way to receive extra class credits and improve your knowledge and skills. For example a weekend training or Camp normally earns six class credits and provides social interaction as well as teaching you new skills and developing previous ones. The minimum number of classes that one has to attend to be eligible to grade is listed below. As well as a good class attendance record you must also display the attributes suitable for a student of the grade that you are striving for.

The minimum number of classes that must be attended before one is eligible to grade are:

Beginner coloured belts (White to Orange belt) 12 classes

Intermediate coloured belts (First Green Stripe to Purple belt) 18 classes

Senior coloured belts (First Brown Stripe to Third Black Stripe) 24 classes