What is Kombatan Arnis?

Filipino Kombatan Arnis is a complete system comprising of various classical & modern fighting styles used in the Philippines of hand to hand & weapon combat, incorporating empty hand moves based on the same motions used in weapon fighting. The weapon is just an extension of the hand. All ranges & all areas of fighting are covered, teaching the student to react instinctively & flow.

Kombatan Arnis develops a functional fighter in any range which is why it excels as a complete system of combat. It also makes a great addition to other arts of self defense. While Kombatan Arnis is relatively new to New Zealand, it is taking the martial arts world by storm. Kombatan Arnis, an art proven in combat, is on the cutting edge of self defense. Its reactive flow drills are the vehicle to teaching a person techniques and flow, while strengthening and conditioning the body. It is equally effective for women as it is for men.

Kombatan Arnis as a Filipino martial art was developed and foundered by Grandmaster Ernesto Presas, Sr.

The benefits of training in kombatan will be felt in your everyday life and not just in the dojo (training center). No one is ever forced but encouraged to engage in all of the training methods to get the most out of our program.